Christy Marks – Christy’s Sapphic Scene

Christy's Sapphic Scene

Sure, men love Christy. But women love Christy, too! Hot, big-titted women like Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. They have delicious, full funbags of their own, so they can appreciate a juicy pair on a woman as hot as Christy. And since they have the equipment, they know how to handle it, too. Watch as the girls massage, fondle and stroke Christy on a beautiful island setting. "I felt honored to have my body worshipped by some of the hottest big-tit models. It was so hot to feel their hands all over me then watch them take out their tits and oil them up," said Christy after this shoot.

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Christy Marks – Helping Hands for Hooters

Helping Hands for Hooters

When we sent five of the bustiest ladies around (Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Gianna Rossi, Angela White and Terry Nova) to the Bahamas to film the feature Big Boob Paradise, we hoped that the girls would get along. What we didn't expect was that they would get along as well as they did. In fact, we couldn't get them to keep their hands off one another. If we attempted to do a solo shoot, one or two girls would wander over and then all of a sudden, it was a lezzie Lickapalooza. We finally decided if we couldn't beat 'em, we could beat off to them. So we invited all the girls to shoot together and what happened was a moment in big tit history. Watch as the girls oil up Christy's tits and knead and squeeze them. If that doesn't get you pumping your dick, then you're dead from the waist down! There is nothing like many helping hands on a pair of horny hooters like Christy's. There's a reason this was Big Boob Paradise!

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Christy Marks – Hootered Hooker

Hootered Hooker

Let's pretend for a second that Christy Marks is a hooker. Wait, we're not throwing around the term loosely here. We're not saying it in the terms of "That girl is such a hooker because she is with a different guy all the time." No, that is not how we mean it. We're saying close your eyes. Imagine that you are on a desolate street and you spot a prostitute selling her fleshy wares to the highest bidder. That's the kind of hooker we are referring to. In this clip, Christy Marks plays the part of Candy, a streetwise hooker who gets picked up by a John who takes her to a hotel with a hot tub with only one request; to watch her masturbate and touch her tits while inundated in sudsy water. Okay, we know that no person in their right mind would pay a hooker JUST for that and then not fuck her brains out. Especially when that hooker is Christy "Huge Tits You Wanna Cream On" Marks, but we're imagining, remember? So, in this fantasy, Christy's a hooker with a heart of gold and a rack full of suds, and that's about it.

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